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Speedpack Cleaning

To help your Speedpack last many seasons, it's important to clean it at least 1-2 times per race season, or more times if you use it on an indoor trainer or if you sweat a lot.


The easiest way to do this is to take your Speedpack off your bike, remove the plastic insert (and also the mounting bolts if you have a 480D or 483D), and then soak the pack and the insert for about 5 minutes in a small tub or sink of warm soapy water (water with a few drops of mild dish soap is ideal). Keep any screws/washers out of the soak so you don't lose them.


After soaking, if you have an old soft toothbrush, you could also very lightly brush any areas with stains, salt, or nutritional products. Don't brush the DSW logo labels. When finished with the soak, rinse everything inside and out several times with clear warm water, and then air or sun dry, moving the zipper sliders a few times during drying.


If you need to, after drying, you can slightly 'lubricate' the zipper chain by rubbing the zipper teeth with a plain white wax candle (the wax acts as an inert dry lubricant). But don't use anything else on the zipper chain to lube it. If you do use a candle, the white wax from the candle may be visible on the zipper or the pack fabric, but it will not cause any problems or damage.


Reinstall the Speedpack (add a touch of light oil to your bolt threads if you have a 480D or 483D), and you should be good to go. Enjoy your Speedpack and ride like the wind.





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