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In addition to comments posted on our facebook page and in threads on the slowtwitch triathlon forum and the beginner triathlete forum, here are some of the comments and feedback that we've received from athletes. And we welcome your input, if you'd like to send us feedback, please click here.


"I am VERY pleased with the Dark Speed Works 480. I have used it on three Metric Century rides and it performed very well. It can hold more than you think and I was able to stuff in plenty of energy packs, salt tabs, advil, and my car keys. It is built to last for a long time and it looks very nice on my bike."


"I just took my bike down the street to check out the fit of the Speedpack with my pedal stroke. This pack is absolutely perfect. Thank you so much, it's perfect on my speed concept. The way you have it tapered on the end keeps my legs from hitting it (unlike every other brand). It's BIG inside, should hold my food for Ironman Lake Placid perfectly. Thank you for one less thing I have to worry about. And I love the logo."


"I just got a Dark Speed Works bento to replace the xlab one on my wife's bike and there's no comparison in quality, the Dark Speed Works build quality is far higher than the xlab, not even close in my book."


"I replaced an xlab 400 with a Speedpack 483 on my specialized transition, and then put a pink Speedpack 483 on my wife's new cannondale slice. Big difference in quality, fit, and mounting security. I'll never go back to the xlab bags."


"I have the Dark Speed Works bolted to my cervelo P5 and it is super rigid and works great. I can get stuff out without looking, even in this year's Ironman Kona winds. And at times I have forgotten to zip it shut and it stays mostly closed even that way, i.e., the sides are not flopping over or out at all. Inside is a hard plastic insert that the pack is formed around. It holds a ton, more than anything else I have seen. I can get 8 gels in it."


"I ordered the Speedpack 483D to use at Ironman Louisville and all I can say is, WOW! I absolutely love it. Thanks for such an awesome product!"


"I have a Dark Speed Works on my new cervelo P3 and I love it. It stays put, fits a ton of nutrition, and is seamless against the frame."


"Best purchase I have made. Lots of space and super sleek and no bulging."


"I have the 480D. I just put in 2 tire levers, 1 inflator, 2 CO2 cartridges, 1 spare tube, and 1 clif bar. I have tried or read reviews of most pack options for the top tube and the Dark Speed Works Speedpack was just what I was looking for. It's big, accessible, and you can use the whole pack (i.e., from the front to the back). It's great for training and for racing."


"The Speedpack 483 is the bomb. It has an interior plastic shell with double zippers that hold the shape of the box and it can be opened and closed at any speed on any road. It's really nice."


"Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer service and for the Speedpacks (480 & 483)! Used'em a bunch over the past week and absolutely love them--top notch quality, functional, and awesome looking!! Keep up the great work!"


"Inaugural ride today with the Speedpack 480, love it! It's even better than I imagined, functionality and looks, great product!"


"Thanks so much for the great service. Wow. Canít believe the time you spent to make sure I was getting the right product."


"Really pleased with my Speedpack 483. Great design. Rock solid."


"Dark Speed Works is the benchmark. I love mine."


"I got my Dark Speed Works Speedpack yesterday, I am totally impressed with everything about the bag, good job on the design and manufacturing of a quality product. I will send you a picture of it on my BMC. Will spread the word over here, we have the Busselton Ironman in November in town."


"Just received your Speedpack 480 and thought I'd drop you all a line to let you know how great your product is! Quality is excellent and I was surprised how well it fits my new trek."


"I just received my Speedpack. Gotta say, I love your company and how great your communication and follow through were!"


"Dark Speed Works is a great company with great customer service. I love my Speedpack!"


"I love the Speedpack 483 and it fits my iphone, lip balm, and a couple of GUs with no problem at all. Thanks!"


"I put in a long ride yesterday with the Speedpack 483 and it's really a great storage option. It's nice to have a place for my phone and keys instead of shoving them in some random pocket. I was considering a trek over the specialized shiv because of the trek's built-in top tube and seat tube storage even though I didn't like the bike as much. But I have a Speedpack 480 on my road bike and figured that once the Speedpack 483 came out it would be just as good as the trek's storage, so I got the shiv. I was definitely right! The 483 is pretty killer. Thanks for a great product."


"The Speedpack 483 fits my blue triad SL to a tee! Absolutely flawless product! It doesn't budge a inch and holds all my race day fuel. Thanks again!"


"My Speedpack 483 arrived today, already installed--FANTASTIC product!"


"I just bought the Speedpack 483--it's narrow, aerodynamic, and cavernous relative to the other options out there, and you can tell the guys who designed it actually spent time on long bike rides because it's so functional. They are super responsive to questions and very personal. The pack looks trick, too."


"I have the Speedpack 483 set up on my specialized shiv and it works really well--very secure, spacious and aero."


"Got my new Speedpack 483, just what I was looking for!"


"I have the original Dark Speed Works Speedpack 480. I love it."


"I just got the Speedpack 480D in the mail and am very pleased with it--it's superior to the bontrager speed box and the quality is excellent. Thank you!"


"I got a Dark Speed Works Speedpack last week and am very pleased with the quality, look, and detail. I know it's just a bento box, but I've been raving about it since I got it."


"Dark Speed Works is the best. Love mine."


"I've used the Speedpack for close to a month and it has out-performed any other bento box I've used. I use it for gels and tools on training rides and for tubes and CO2 during races and I've been happy with its performance."


"I bought the Speedpack 480 for my orbea ordu and it fits like a glove, I am pleased to bits with it. It's like it was made for my frame."


"I used the Speedpack 480D at Ironman Regensburg Germany and found it to be a really good size, well made, and a great value. I couldn't ask for more."


"I like my new Speedpack. Fits phone, tube, air chuck , co2, small camera, and gu with no problems. Plus I don't have to try to keep it aligned out of the wind with my knees. It stays put and allows me to focus more on the road, which is a lot safer for me."


"Awesome product. I had to return other brand-name saddle packs as they were incompatible with my cervelo P3. A friend of mine recommended the Speedpack 480 and it solved my issue of storing my flat-tire kit."


"Great product. I can fit a spare tube, multi tool, patch kit, a CO2, and an inflator in there without any trouble. It looks a lot more aero than any other bento box I've ever seen, fits a lot more in it than the other aero options on the market, and the plastic interior keeps it from flopping around and rubbing my legs. Very well-made product, and it's definitely found a permanent home on my bike."


"Just got mine. Looks great and I was able to take everything from my bento box and put it in your box with lots of room left. Thanks for the quick shipping."


"Got mine a few weeks back and it fits perfectly on my cervelo SLC. Currently have a mini pump, tube, tool, and a couple of gels in there with no issue. Stem height is exactly the same as the Speedpack and it looks great on the bike."


"Love mine. Just got one for my b-day and it fits my tool kit and a gel. Near invisible from the front. Well made. Great idea, well executed."


"Received my Speedpack last week. Two thumbs up after this weekend's rides. Nice product, well done. Not your deal, but if we can get honey stinger to change the shape of their waffles to fit in the Speedpack, it would be heaven! Look forward to putting it into action at Ironman 70.3 Kansas this weekend. Again, well done."


"It's well made and is dead solid without sliding around."


"I've used it for close to a month and it has out-performed any other bento box I've used. I use it for gels and tools on training rides and for tubes and CO2 during races and I've been happy with its performance."


"Got the Speedpack in the mail yesterday and, I have to say, I'm very impressed with how sturdy the design is."


"I just got the Dark Speed Works Speedpack and it's pretty sweet. I've got a tube, two CO2s, a tire lever, a master link, and a multi-tool in there. It looks way faster than the set-up I was using last year."


"Finally had a chance to use this outdoors, and love it! Was able to store my flat stuff in my normal rear saddlebag, then fit an allen wrench set, clif shot blox, my car keys, my phone, and my driver's license/contact info. Snug, but was great, because I needed to adjust my brakes halfway through my ride and wouldn't have had my allen wrenches."


"Definitely looks slick and feels very well constructed."


"I have both the Speedpack and the fuelbelt bento. The Dark Speed Works one is so much better. Your knees rarely if ever hit it. It is likely more aero. The dual zippers allow you to better enclose cables entering the top tube, which looks a lot cleaner and more aero. It looks badass."


"Got mine this week and tried it for the first time today. It worked great. My knees only missed it by a mm or two, but they missed. It holds more than my bento box, but not a ton of stuff. It will still be better than what I've had. It looks great, too--even on my skinny top tubed aluminum cervelo P3."


"I was able to get it set up and use it for the first time at a triathlon this weekend. Like others, I was able to unzip the front of the bag a bit so that it shielded the cables entering my top tube and sat flush with my stem. With the rubberized bottom, plastic interior shell, extra velcro, and low profile, the pack is SUPER secure. I have mine snugged tight that it doesn't move a millimeter in any direction and I never rubbed my legs against it. Despite downpours all day, everything in the bag stayed dry. Best of all, it looks badass on my bike. Kudos on making a great product."


"Design is tops: rubberized bottom, plastic shape holder inside, zippers that don't open to the very back (keeps keys from flying out). Love it."


"Just got it for my cervelo P3C, although a bit tight since I tried to fit in more then it should possibly hold, but it has worked out great and love it. So much better than fuelbelt's aero bento box."


"I christened mine yesterday on a 112-mile torture fest. Convenient and much easier than reaching into my jersey and fiddling with individual packets. Even had room for a chopped up clif bar. It'll stay on my bike for the long rides. Me likey ;) "


"It looks awesome. It's flush, tight and holds my levers, CO2 and tube perfectly. Love it and, like all new equipment, I'm convinced that it's worth at least 2mph on my normal route ;) "


"Rubberized bottom is awesome, the Speedpack doesn't move from side to side as the previous profile box I've been using does. Much more secure on the frame of my cervelo P2SL. I've been able to get my usual supplies in the box, not quite as much as I can pack into the profile box, but more than enough room and it looks a lot better. It performed as expected and no issues with the Speedpack moving or me brushing against it. Thanks for a great product and speedy service."


"With the rubberized bottom on a flatter top tube it doesn't move at all. With ample room and sleek design, I'm impressed so far. I've got some long rides planned and it looks like it'll be staying on the bike. It's a keeper!"


"Rode with the Speedpack today. I like it better than the profile design bento box thing it replaced. It has a plastic insert for rigidity. No knee contact. I put 4 gu's in it but I could cram in some more. So far so good. It looks good too!"


"Very well made and thought out. Didn't notice my legs brushing against it while pedaling, even standing, which I got sometimes with the other one. Looks surprisingly good (kinda badass) on the cervelo P4. So far, I'm a fan."


"I really like the Speedpack. It is sleek, sturdy, and fits well on my bike. A big improvement over the other bento box I had."

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