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Speedpack Zipper Dampener Installation

A few athletes have told us that, when riding with their 480 or 483 series Speedpacks over very rough roads, they can sometimes hear the pack's zipper pulls rattle. (We use metal YKK zipper pulls because it allows us to source reliable and high quality, two-way hidden zippers from the USA. Also, we've found that our small metal zipper pulls--vs. big rubber or cord-type pulls--lay flatter on the pack, which means better aerodynamics).


If your zipper pulls rattle a bit on the roads you ride, every 480/483 series Speedpack comes with two optional zipper pull dampeners (inside the small ziplock bag stapled to the directions). Installing these optional dampeners is quick and easy, and you'll get a perfect fit. You'll need nothing but your Speedpack and some hot water. Just follow these instructions:


Take your Speedpack off your bike and empty it of all cargo items. Also remove the Speedpack's plastic insert. Then close the pack's zipper so that it is closed near the highest spot of the Speedpack body. Position the two zipper sliders so they touch one another. Take the two pieces of black tubing and slide one over each of the Speedpack's zipper pulls, so that the end of each piece of tubing is about flush with, but just covers, the end of the zipper pull.


Fill a ceramic coffee mug to the brim with very hot boiling water. You can do this by microwaving the cup and water together (using a microwave safe cup), or you can fill a mug with boiling water from a tea kettle. In either case, it is important that the mug be filled very close to the top. (WARNING: boiling water is extremely hot, so be very careful not spill it on yourself or anyone else.)


Set the mug of hot water in a safe spot. Then take your empty Speedpack, bend it slightly near where the zipper sliders are positioned, and then hold the pack upside down so that the zipper pulls hang down at the lowest point on the upside down pack.


Dip only the zipper pulls (with the tubing pieces over them) in the hot water for approximately 30 seconds. Try not to dip any other part of the Speedpack in the hot water, see photo >>


While you are dipping the zipper pulls in the hot water, the tubing pieces will shrink from the heat and create a form fit over the metal pulls. After 30 seconds, remove the Speedpack and let the zipper pulls cool.


After cooling, if the zipper pulls are a little stiff, just move them back and forth a few times to loosen them and position them as desired.


Replace the Speedpack's plastic insert, and the process is complete. On very rough roads, the zippers pulls may still move a little, but any zipper noise will be essentially eliminated.


Enjoy your Speedpack and ride like the wind.



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