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High-Capacity Aero Storage for Road, Gravel, & Tri Bikes with Direct Mount Top Tube Bosses

The high-capacity Speedpack 915D is similar to the Speedpack 915 except, instead of mounting with our advanced strap system, the 915D is designed to bolt directly to the integrated top tube storage bosses on the Cervelo P5, new P2/P3, Trek Speed Concept series, and many others. Like the high-capacity Speedpack 915, the Speedpack 915D is designed for longer races or for extended road, gravel, and/or triathlon riding and training. And the 915D's modified aero profile keeps aero drag to a minimum, which means more speed at a given power output.

Like our other Speedpacks, the 915D also has an advanced computer-designed aero shape, derived from a modified Kamm-tail NACA airfoil. And we integrated many of the same unique Speedpack features that reduce drag, improve on-bike stability, ease usability, and maintain high durability--please see our full feature list below.

The Bottom Line:  The high-capacity Speedpack 915D will securely and conveniently carry the race and training gear you need on your road, gravel, or triathlon bike, while minimizing drag and helping you ride faster. The 915D is also large enough to easily fit most modern smartphones, including all iphone models.

NOTE: If you are a smaller person and/or have limited top tube clearance, be sure that your body can clear a 4" high pack mounted at your bike's top tube storage bosses.

More images of Speedpacks mounted on road, gravel, and triathlon bikes on our instagram and facebook photo albums:



Advanced CAD-designed shape, tapered and contoured in three dimensions.  Main pack shape derived from a modified low-drag symmetrical airfoil.

Included low profile stainless steel bolt & washer kit and strong HDPE plastic insert securely anchor Speedpack to your top tube storage mounts.

Aerodynamic hidden heavy-duty YKK zipper with dual two-way sliders with easy-to-grip zipper pulls allow easy access to your gear.  Tough coated nylon sides resist water and abrasion.  Full-length rubberized bottom grips top tube to keep Speedpack in position.  Custom shaped heavy-duty HDPE plastic insert and high-density closed cell foam side panels keep aero shape, protect cargo and provide insulation.

Made in the USA from US and imported components.  



Capacity:  approx  915cc (55.5 ci) -- holds 9-10 full-size 2.4 oz Clif bars (bars unwrapped & halved)

Length:  30cm (12")       Height:  10cm (4")       Width:  5.7cm (2.25")       Weight: 120g, including mounting bolts

Fits ONLY on bikes with integrated top tube storage bosses.


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